Trump Bid to Dodge $83.3M Payout to E. Jean Carroll Takes a New Turn as Expert Makes a Prediction

by Jessica

Donald Trump’s endeavor to avoid paying the $83.3 million defamation settlement to E. Jean Carroll encounters skepticism from legal experts.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann expressed doubts about Trump’s ability to persuade the judge overseeing the case that he intends to honor the payment.

Weissmann, in a conversation with Lawrence O’Donnell, highlighted the challenge Trump faces in convincing Judge Lewis Kaplan of his sincerity, especially given Trump’s history of disparaging remarks towards the judge.

Despite O’Donnell’s suggestion that Trump might seek a reduced settlement, Weissmann emphasized that Judge Kaplan would prioritize the merit of the request over personal affronts.

As reported by Raw Story on Monday, March 4, 2024, Weissmann underscored Trump’s lack of transparency regarding his financial records, casting doubt on his willingness to fulfill the settlement.

He suggested that Judge Kaplan’s reception of Trump’s plea would likely be unfavorable, estimating the odds of success as “somewhere between slim and none.”

The exchange between Weissmann and O’Donnell captured the skepticism surrounding Trump’s legal maneuvers, particularly in light of his contentious relationship with the presiding judge.

Weissmann’s assessment suggests that Trump’s chances of persuading the court to reconsider the settlement amount are exceedingly low, given his track record of non-disclosure and dubious financial dealings.

The $83.3 million payout stems from a defamation lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s. Trump’s denial of the allegations prompted Carroll to sue him for defamation, resulting in a substantial settlement.

Trump’s attempt to evade the financial responsibility associated with the settlement reflects his broader pattern of legal battles and attempts to circumvent accountability.

However, legal experts like Weissmann caution that Trump’s tactics are unlikely to succeed, particularly in cases where his credibility and transparency are in question.

The conversation between Weissmann and O’Donnell underscores the complexities of Trump’s legal predicament and the skepticism surrounding his intentions. Despite Trump’s efforts to challenge the settlement amount, the prevailing sentiment among legal analysts suggests that his chances of success are remote.

The ongoing legal saga between Trump and Carroll serves as a microcosm of broader debates surrounding accountability, transparency, and the rule of law.

As Trump continues to navigate various legal challenges, his tactics and strategies face scrutiny from legal experts and the public alike.

Trump’s bid to avoid the $83.3 million payout to E. Jean Carroll encounters skepticism from legal experts, who cast doubt on his ability to persuade the court of his sincerity.

The ongoing legal saga underscores the complexities of Trump’s legal battles and the challenges he faces in evading accountability.

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