Who Trump is Being Seen Within Mar-a-Lago Patio Lately, Making His Allies Very Suspicious

by Jessica

Allies of former President Donald Trump are becoming suspicious about Sergio Gor, who has lately been very close to the Ex-commander-in-chief.

In the sun-drenched haven of Mar-a-Lago, where exclusivity reigns, a curious figure has emerged – the enigmatic Gor, dubbed “the patio panhandler.”

The whispers among Trumpworld insiders hint at a divisive power play as Gor boldly charts his course, launching a super PAC to bolster Trump’s political endeavors, reported Raw Story on Tuesday, March 5.

Sergio Gor’s ascent from deputy chief of staff to Sen. Rand Paul to a key player in Trump’s fundraising operation has raised eyebrows and elicited skepticism from those within the inner circle.

They have noticed that his “Right For America,” which is sold as another organization formed to funnel substantial funds into Trump’s 2024 campaign, is a calculated bid for influence and personal gain.

“He basically found a way to make himself rich,” remarked a source close to Trump, echoing the suspicion that Gor’s motives extend beyond mere political allegiance.

The PAC, shrouded in financial opacity until April, faces doubt regarding its intentions, with detractors questioning whether it serves as a legitimate political vehicle or a means for Gor to pad his pockets.

Gor’s discontent within Trump’s orbit has also become a focal point of intrigue.

A source revealed that he felt slighted, having “not gotten the keys to the kingdom” during the 2024 campaign formation.

Seeking prominence, Gor is accused of opting for the grandiose title of “Right For America” chairman, a decision met with skepticism, as some note that he bestowed this lofty label upon himself.

In Mar-a-Lago, Gor’s regular presence on the patio next to Trump himself has added a layer of complexity.

His friendship with Donald Trump Jr. and proximity to the former president suggest an intimacy that contrasts sharply with the murmurs of discontent surrounding his membership.

Members question the decision to grant Gor a payment plan instead of the customary $200,000 initiation fee, fueling frustration among those seeking solace on the exclusive grounds.

“Other MAL members are like ‘Wait, you gave the Patio Panhandler a payment plan so he can annoy us begging for money on the patio when we just want to be left alone in peace?’” said one source close to Trump.

The emergence of this “mayor of Mar-a-Lago” introduces an unexpected subplot to the Trumpworld narrative.

Gor’s super PAC venture, born from a perceived snub, threatens to disrupt the delicate balance within Trump’s inner circle.

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