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Former White House Aide Reveals Bizarre Trump Behavior: Food-Throwing Antics and More

by Jessica

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide in the Trump administration, provided a glimpse into the tumultuous dynamics of the White House during her tenure.

In a candid interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live uploaded Thursday, October 5, 2023, Hutchinson, now promoting her book ‘Enough’, detailed some eyebrow-raising encounters with her ex-boss.

Nicknamed “White House survivor” by host Jimmy Kimmel, Hutchinson served as chief of staff to Mark Meadows and played a significant role during the turbulent events surrounding January 6th.

She confessed to the pressure of maintaining loyalty within what she referred to as “Trump World,” emphasizing the ever-shifting allegiances surrounding the former president.

One particularly peculiar revelation was Trump’s unusual aversion to potential poisoning.

Hutchinson disclosed that Trump insisted on using small Heinz glass ketchup bottles, savoring the audible pop when they were opened.

“Sometimes it would happen once or twice a week, sometimes more. Sometimes there’d be a week or so lull, but then there would be a bad news story. But it wasn’t just launching the food and the plates and the porcelain at the wall. It was sometimes just flipping the tablecloth.” She recounted.

The interview delved into other oddities of Trump’s behavior, including his infamous suggestion to drink bleach as a Covid remedy.

Hutchinson reflected on Trump’s tendency to defy caution, remarking, “Whenever he was told not to do something, he would want to do it more.”

Throughout the conversation, Hutchinson maintained a candid yet measured tone, offering insights into the inner workings of an administration known for its unconventional approach to governance.


She acknowledged the loyalty factor that often constrained individuals within Trump’s inner circle, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play.

Hutchinson’s book, ‘Enough’, released in September, promises a deeper dive into her experiences within the Trump administration, providing readers with a firsthand account of a pivotal period in American politics.

As the nation continues to grapple with the aftermath of the Trump era, Cassidy Hutchinson’s revelations serve as a timely reminder of the unique challenges faced by those within the president’s inner circle.

Her account offers a rare perspective on the inner workings of a presidency marked by controversy and unprecedented events.

In ‘Enough’, Hutchinson’s unvarnished account promises to be a valuable addition to the growing body of literature seeking to understand the complexities and contradictions of the Trump presidency.

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