Trump Becomes A Laughing Stock After Details Emerge Of Who He Hired To Help Him Deal With His Ego

by Jessica

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has a unique strategy for staying informed: physical copies of articles and social media posts, especially those that feature him.

This task falls to Natalie Harp, a 32-year-old campaign aide whose dedication has earned her the nickname “The Human Printer.”

According to a report by The Bulwark’s Marc A. Caputo, Harp’s role involves continuously providing Trump with printed material about him.

According to a report by Raw Story on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, this unusual responsibility sees her carrying a portable printer, paper, and rechargeable batteries, ensuring that the 77-year-old Trump doesn’t have to read from a smartphone screen.

“Whenever Donald Trump brandishes a stack of papers or reads a printout of a social media post, he’s relying on the work of Natalie Harp,” Caputo explained in his Wednesday article.

Harp’s duties are extensive. She stays close to Trump, whether he is in the courthouse for his criminal hush money/falsified business records trial or traveling on weekends to his South Florida residence.

Her presence and role have become a staple in Trump’s inner circle, making her indispensable to the campaign. “Perhaps more than anyone else,” Caputo notes, “Harp gatekeeps much of what Trump sees on social media and reads in the news.”

This gives her a significant amount of influence over the information that reaches the former president. Harp, a fundamentalist evangelical Christian and a 2015 graduate of Liberty University in Virginia, entered Trump’s orbit in 2019.

She worked on his 2020 campaign and served as an anchor for the far-right One America News (OAN) during the same year. Her dedication and proximity to Trump have made her a key figure in his current campaign.

A campaign insider highlighted her significance, stating, “No one spends as much time on this campaign around him as Natalie. If people think she’s an airhead because of her looks, they don’t understand how smart she is and how much the president relies on her.”

This reliance on printed material is not new for Trump. Throughout his presidency, he showed a preference for physical copies of documents over digital formats.

Harp’s role reflects Trump’s need for tangible information and underscores the unique dynamics within his campaign team. The practice of having printed materials readily available also plays into Trump’s larger media strategy.

It allows him to brandish these documents during public appearances, reinforcing his narratives and claims. This was evident when Trump displayed a stack of papers while departing the Manhattan Criminal Court on April 23, 2024.

The revelation about Harp’s role comes amid various legal challenges facing Trump. He is currently involved in multiple criminal trials, including the high-profile hush money case in Manhattan.

Harp’s constant presence by his side suggests her importance not only in campaign logistics but also in maintaining his morale through these turbulent times.

In addition to her printing duties, Harp’s role extends to managing what information Trump consumes. This kind of control is crucial in a campaign where media narratives can significantly impact public perception and voter behavior.

As Trump aims for a return to the White House in 2024, Harp’s contributions as “The Human Printer” highlight the personalized and somewhat old-school methods his campaign employs to keep him informed and engaged.

Her ability to filter and provide the most flattering content for Trump could play a pivotal role in shaping his campaign strategy and public image

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