‘Another lie’ A supporter of Trump battles House Speaker Mike Johnson

by Jessica

A Trump-supporting activist, who has been considered for the role of press secretary if the former president secures another term, has engaged in a dispute with the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson (R-LA).

On Friday, Johnson declared his commitment to transparency, announcing that he would fulfill his promise to the American people by making all the January 6th tapes accessible to everyone.

He provided a link for remote viewing of the tapes, stating, “To restore America’s trust and faith in their Government, we must have transparency.

This is another step towards keeping the promises I made when I was elected to be your Speaker. This website will be updated continuously with thousands of hours of footage.”

However, Laura Loomer, a Trump-supporting activist recognized by Donald Trump and considered as a potential press secretary, expressed dissatisfaction with Johnson’s announcement.

On social media, she accused Johnson of lying, claiming that although Republicans were informed that all January 6th footage had been released, only about 23 GB of footage, equivalent to approximately 100 clips out of 44,000 hours, was made available.

Loomer, who has recently criticized Jenna Ellis and Marjorie Taylor Greene, raised concerns about the time it would take to upload the remaining CCTV footage, suggesting it might take a month and highlighting the absence of sound. She also emphasized the exclusion of body cam footage from DC Metro police and Capitol police, calling on Mike Johnson to release all body cam footage with audio.

In her plea, Loomer cautioned against being misled by the House GOP, branding them as “professional liars and con artists.” The disagreement underscores the ongoing tension surrounding the release of the January 6th footage and its perceived adequacy in addressing concerns about transparency and accountability.

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