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Ana Navarro “Shocked” by Donald Trump Bathroom Photos Released by Department of Justice: “Have You Seen That Toilet?”

by Jessica

Ana Navarro, recognized as a conservative commentator, showcased a different side of her expertise by critiquing interior design during her appearance on today’s episode of The View.

Taking the opportunity to discuss the recent federal indictment against former President Donald Trump, which alleges unauthorized storage of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Navarro delved into the provided evidence.

One image that captured her attention was that of Trump’s bathroom, featured amidst the evidence presented by the Department of Justice. In the photo, numerous boxes of documents were seen positioned next to a toilet within a lavishly adorned bathroom featuring a chandelier.

Expressing her astonishment, Navarro began, “The sheer volume of evidence that the DOJ possesses truly amazed me. The indictment contains an unexpected level of detail, including audio recordings of Trump himself and an array of photographs. It’s genuinely astounding.”

However, her commentary took a turn as she humorously pointed out, “I couldn’t help but be taken aback by that bathroom. While the case is undeniably grave, the bathroom’s appearance raised eyebrows. The seriousness of the situation can’t be understated.”

In a playful tone, Navarro addressed the panel, “But seriously, folks, have you seen that toilet? It’s like a relic from the past – those low-to-the-ground toilets are practically unheard of now. Using it feels like a workout.”

Her critique expanded to a tissue box placed by the sink, “And that bare Kleenex box? People spend a fortune to experience such extravagance in their bathrooms.”

Photo: ABC/Department of Justice

This latest indictment comes as a result of the discovery of more than 300 classified documents at Mar-a-Lago last year. While the specifics of the indictment remain sealed, it’s reported that Trump is facing seven criminal charges. The View is broadcasted on ABC every weekday at 11/10c. To catch the full segment on Trump’s indictment, watch the video provided above.

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