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Trump Attacks Big Golf Name: ‘He Was Fired’

by Jessica

LIV Golf removing properties owned by former President Donald Trump from its 2024 schedule has apparently one little to hinder the former president’s feud with the PGA Tour.

Trump famously told PGA golfers to “take the money and run” when LIV Golf came calling, predicting that the rival PGA Tour would eventually be forced to merge with the Saudi Arabian government-backed venture.

That proved to be a fortuitous prediction.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump took to Truth Social to blast PGA Tour president Seth Waugh and call for his removal by Tour players.

Former President Donald Trump recently took to his Truth Social and posted:

“Has anybody, especially the 28,000 HARD WORKING GOLF PROFESSIONALS OF AMERICA, looked at what Seth Waugh, who was essentially “fired” from his last job, and is now the head of the PGA of AMERICA, is being paid? The answer seems to be more than $3,000,000 per year? You could have had him for “peanuts!” Anyway, as GREAT PROFESSIONALS, I love and respect you all, have lots of you working at my many wonderful golf clubs, and know how hard a job you have – A job done more from LOVE than for MONEY. If I were you I’d start a DRIVE to get Seth Waugh out of there. You can get a MUCH BETTER “LEADER” FOR FAR LESS MONEY!!! Best Wishes, Your Favorite President, Donald J. Trump”


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