More Trouble For Trump As Prosecutor Drops Bombshell, Exposes His Top Secret In Classified Docs Case

by Jessica

Former President Donald Trump faces new allegations of corruption and obstruction of justice in his ongoing case over classified documents that he allegedly kept in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida after leaving the White House in 2021, as reported by Newsweek on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

According to a document filed on Monday by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is leading the investigation into Trump’s handling of classified information, Trump tried to corrupt his own attorney into lying to the FBI and the grand jury about the existence and location of the documents and even suggested that the attorney hide or destroy them rather than produce them to the government.

The document, which was filed in response to a motion by Trump’s lawyers to dismiss the case as a “vindictive prosecution” by President Joe Biden and the Democratic party, reveals new details of Trump’s alleged attempts to conceal and tamper with evidence of his possession of classified documents.

The document states that Trump only pretended to cooperate with a National Archive demand that he return all classified documents that he stored in his Mar-a-Lago estate after leaving office and that he retained a significant number of documents bearing classification markings.

When the National Archive issued a grand jury subpoena to Trump in September 2023, demanding the return of the remaining documents, Trump tried to enlist his attorney in the corrupt endeavor, the document alleges.

“Trump attempted to corrupt the attorney by suggesting that he falsely tell the FBI and the grand jury that Trump did not have any documents, and by suggesting that the attorney hide or destroy documents rather than produce them to the government,” the document states.

The attorney, whose name is redacted in the document, refused to comply with Trump’s request, and told him that he had a legal and ethical obligation to produce the documents to the government, the document states.

The document also alleges that Trump then tried to deceive his attorney by enlisting his trusted bodyman, codefendant Waltine Nauta, in a scheme to move boxes containing classified documents to a different location in Mar-a-Lago and to conceal them from the attorney.

“As a result, Trump, through his attorney, again returned only a portion of the classified documents in his possession while falsely claiming that his production was complete,” the document states.

The document further alleges that Trump, Nauta, and another codefendant, De Oliveira, then tried to destroy the CCTV footage that showed them moving the boxes and that they also tampered with the security system to prevent the recording of future footage.

The document states that the FBI recovered the deleted footage from a backup server, and that it also obtained other evidence, such as emails, text messages, and witness statements, that corroborate the allegations against Trump and his codefendants.

The document argues that the case against Trump is not based on vindictive prosecution or political bias, but on “overwhelming evidence of criminal conduct” by Trump and his codefendants, and that the case is in the public interest and serves the national security of the United States.

The document concludes by asking the court to deny Trump’s motion to dismiss the case, and to proceed with the trial, which is scheduled to begin in April 2024.

Trump’s lawyers have not yet responded to the latest filing by the special counsel, but they have previously denied the allegations against Trump and accused the special counsel of conducting a “witch hunt” and a “political vendetta” against Trump.

Trump, who has been living in Mar-a-Lago since he left office, has also repeatedly claimed that the case is part of a “hoax” and a “coup” by the Biden administration and the Democratic party to silence him and prevent him from running for office again.

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