Trouble For Trump As His Wife’s Former Aid Exposes What He Allegedly Did In 2018

by Jessica

Former Melania Trump aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has made explosive allegations regarding the 2018 government shutdown orchestrated by then-President Donald Trump.

According to a report by The Rawstory on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, as per Wolkoff’s sentiments, the government shutdown was not merely a political maneuver but a deliberate attempt to divert attention from a brewing scandal involving Trump’s $107 million dollar inauguration fund.

While these claims have not been independently verified, they shed light on a period of political turmoil during the Trump administration.

In a recent Twitter post, Wolkoff asserted that the Trump White House strategically employed government resources and shutdowns to manipulate public attention. She claimed.

“Distract! Gaslight! WH CFO told me a little secret. They were shutting down the gov’t so it coincides with the release of [Presidential Inauguration Committee] $107M.”

Expanding on her allegations, Wolkoff emphasized that her time working for Melania Trump revealed a clear pattern of government shutdowns being used to divert focus from investigations into Trump’s inaugural committee. She went on to claim,

“The REAL story was an impending investigation into Trump’s $107 million dollar inauguration, which was swept under the rug by Bill Barr, who closed down the SDNY investigation.”

To support her allegations, Wolkoff posted an email dated January 31, 2018, in which Heather Martin, the director of budget and treasury for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, mentioned the timing of their filing, stating, “not going to file until next Thursday or Friday to coincide with the next round of the government shut down possibility.”

It’s crucial to note that these claims have not undergone independent verification, and they remain allegations at this stage.

However, they raise serious questions about the motives behind the 2018 government shutdown and the transparency of the Trump administration.

The Trump administration faced numerous controversies and investigations during its tenure, and the handling of the inaugural committee’s finances was one such matter.

Wolkoff’s allegations serve as a reminder of the complexity of that period and the ongoing debates surrounding it.

For any further developments or confirmation of these allegations, continued scrutiny and investigation by appropriate authorities will be necessary to ascertain the veracity of these claims.

As the story unfolds, it may provide additional insights into the inner workings of the Trump administration during its time in power.

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