Trouble For Trump As GOP Leader Declares He Won’t Support Him Even If He Wins Nomination

by Jessica

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie announced on Monday, October 2, that he would not support former President Donald Trump, even if Trump secured the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential race against incumbent President Joe Biden.

According to a report by Mediaite on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, speaking on Newsmax’s The Balance with host Eric Bolling, Christie emphatically expressed his reservations about backing Trump, stating,

“He doesn’t have a good word to say about anybody, and the only time he has a good word to say about anybody is if you kiss him behind. I mean, that’s it.”

Bolling, attempting to appeal to party unity, questioned Christie on whether supporting Trump would be a better option than facing Democratic contenders like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, or Michelle Obama.

To this, Christie maintained his stance, asserting that none of these choices were suitable, reinforcing his decision to run for president himself.

Christie pointedly highlighted the lack of unity within the party, suggesting that even other potential nominees, like Ron, Nikki, or Tim, would likely share his sentiment.

He took a swipe at fellow candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, implying that Ramaswamy’s admiration for Trump might be motivated by a desire for a cabinet position rather than genuine presidential aspirations.

When pressed by Bolling on whether he would support Trump if the former president dropped out of the race, Christie delivered a clear and resolute “No.”

He further clarified that he wouldn’t support Trump against any other candidate, emphasizing his belief that the alternatives were superior.

The conversation intensified when Bolling inquired about Christie’s stance should Trump become the official Republican nominee. Christie’s response was unwavering, citing Trump’s conduct as “disrespectful to the Constitution” and alleging violations of it.

He specifically referenced Trump’s recent controversial statement about General Mark Milley, expressing that he couldn’t endorse a candidate who made such remarks. Christie concluded the interview by firmly stating, “No. I can’t do that.”

This declaration echoes Christie’s position during the first Republican primary debate in August, where he and Asa Hutchinson were the sole candidates unwilling to support Trump if he faced legal conviction in 2024.

Christie’s steadfast refusal to support Trump reflects the internal divisions within the Republican party and raises questions about the prospects of unified support for a Trump candidacy in the upcoming presidential race.

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