Bad News For Trump as Court Reveals Troubling Reports

by Jessica

Donald Trump, the former president, finds himself embroiled in a high-stakes legal battle as federal prosecutors raise concerns over the election subversion case against him.

In a recent court filing on October 10, 2023, special counsel Jack Smith’s office revealed a troubling development.

It was alleged that 25 crucial witnesses in the case had invoked attorney-client privilege, potentially withholding vital information and evidence from investigators.

This development had already been reported by CNN, underscoring the significance of concerns surrounding Trump’s legal defense in the ongoing case.

These 25 witnesses spanned a spectrum, including co-conspirators, former campaign employees, the campaign itself, external attorneys, a non-attorney intermediary, and even a family member of the defendant, though their identities remained undisclosed.

The extent to which investigators managed to surmount these privilege claims to obtain necessary information remained unclear.

Special counsel Jack Smith’s office sought intervention from Judge Tanya Chutkan, urging her to compel Donald Trump to formally state whether he intended to argue that he followed his attorney’s advice.

Such a declaration could trigger additional discovery and scrutiny of Trump’s communications with his legal team, exposing a potential defense strategy.

Trump’s defense team had previously hinted at their intent to invoke this defense, referencing media interviews where they claimed that the former president’s actions following the 2020 election were guided by legal counsel, including advice from John Eastman.

It’s noteworthy that Eastman and other attorneys who previously worked with Trump faced charges in a separate election subversion case in Georgia, while the federal case focused solely on the former president, who pleaded not guilty.

Recognizing the unique sensitivity of the case due to public interest and Trump’s history of using social media to attack adversaries, prosecutors sought special protections for prospective jurors when the trial commenced next year.

They expressed concerns about Trump’s social media posts, which they perceived as attempts to intimidate individuals involved in legal proceedings.

Prosecutors pointed to a recent incident where Trump criticized a court clerk during his New York civil trial via social media.

They argued that this raised concerns about his potential use of social media research on prospective jurors to influence the case.

Furthermore, prosecutors noted that Trump’s supporters had issued threats against those connected to his legal issues, including direct threats to the court and grand jurors in Fulton County, Georgia, who returned an indictment.

To mitigate these concerns, the special counsel’s office requested that a questionnaire be sent to potential jurors in the weeks leading up to the trial, enabling both sides to pre-screen individuals before the jury selection process began.

This precautionary measure aimed to ensure a fair and unbiased trial given the unique circumstances surrounding the case.

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