Netizens Want Trump to Be Arrested After He Shared a Picture of Biden Tied up on a Pickup Truck

by Jessica

On Friday, Donald Trump shared an objectional video of President Joe Biden confined to the back of a pickup truck, specifying that the footage was captured on Long Island on Thursday.

This move gained sharp criticism from the White House, adversaries, and online users, as reported by The Guardian. The depiction of Biden in such a scenario marks yet another chapter in the ongoing tensions along the presidential campaign trail.

Recently, bestselling biographer Seth Abramson made headlines when he asserted that Donald Trump is an atheist in the wake of the ex-president selling $60 Bibles in a partnership with country music star, Lee Greenwood.

Abramson, known for his insights into Trump’s life, took to social media to make his bold claim, “I’m a bestselling Trump biographer, and I’m telling you that Donald Trump is an atheist.

He doesn’t believe in God and never has. There’s nothing wrong with atheism; I’m agnostic myself. But for Trump to frame himself as a Christian is heretical because—again—he’s a nonbeliever.” Abramson’s assertion challenges Trump’s public persona as a devout Christian, which he has cultivated throughout his political career.

Earlier in March, Trump attended the funeral of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who tragically lost his life in a recent traffic stop. In a video captured at the event, two trucks adorned with flags and decals endorsing Trump, prominently displayed an image of Biden on the second truck, as per CNN‘s report.

This display, however, sparked an immediate backlash from netizens, who flooded social media with their opinions on the matter, some even calling for Trump’s arrest.

One person wrote, “Do You Agree that Donald Trump NEEDS TO BE IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED FOR SHOWING THIS IMAGE OF President Biden on Truth Social?”

Another user wrote, “I’m seeing a whole LOT of tweets about Trump threatening picture of BIDEN.  BUT WHAT I AM NOT SEEING is the FUCKING ARREST WARRANT TO INCARCERATE HIS ASS TODAY? WHY? JAILS ARE OPEN ON WEEKENDS.

DO IT.” Additionally, lawyer Laurence Tribe commented on the issue and stated, “This is what the monster just posted. A realistic picture of President Biden tied up helpless in the back of a van with Trump’s gloating mug in front of the scene. He’s threatening the president’s life. That’s a felony. If anyone else did it, the feds would arrest him. What now?”

Another user wrote, “This photo of Biden hogtied in the back of a truck that Trump posted has been up for over 24 hours. The truck driver AND Trump should be arrested.

It is against the law to threaten the president of the United States with violence.” Chiming in, a fifth user wrote, “Put it this way, he has gone from posting videos of himself knocking Biden in the head with a golf ball to videos of Biden hogtied with a target on him in the back of a pick-up truck.  Hell yes, he’s more dangerous!”

Meanwhile, Trump campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, asserted “That picture was on the back of a pick-up truck that was traveling down the highway. Democrats and crazed lunatics have not only called for despicable violence against President Trump and his family, they are actually weaponizing the justice system against him.”

Additionally, Biden campaign spokesman, Michael Tyler, commented “This image from Donald Trump is the type of crap you post when you’re calling for a ‘bloodbath’ or when you tell the proud boys to ‘stand back and stand by.’

Trump is regularly inciting political violence and it’s time people take him seriously— just ask the Capitol Police officers who were attacked protecting our democracy on January 6.”

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