Trump appears miffed as potential jurors trash him to his face

by Jessica

Donald Trump has been forced to spend three days in court, listening to multiple Americans describe what they don’t like him — and he doesn’t seem happy.

On day three of jury selection in the New York hush money trial, the pool of prospective jurors got specific about their issues with Trump.

Lawfare’s Tyler McBrien posted some of the quotes given as the various lawyers asked questions.

Trump’s lawyer told potential jurors that some of the witnesses that will be called during the trial have expressed great dislike for Trump. One even said that they wanted revenge.

The lawyer asked if people could look past that and focus on whether such witnesses “met the burden of proof” on Trump’s guilt or innocence.

“He seems very selfish and self-serving,” the juror told the court. She explained that she doesn’t like that coming from a public servant. “How he portrays himself in public seems to me … he’s not my cup of tea,” she continued.

Another potential juror announced to the court, “I don’t have strong opinions about him, but I don’t like his persona. That doesn’t mean I can’t be fair and impartial.”

“Sometimes the way [Trump] may carry himself in public leaves something to be desired,” a potential juror argued after saying she was a “centrist” and her personal feelings wouldn’t impact her impartiality.

Another woman said she doesn’t have strong opinions about Trump, but she has posted negatively about him on social media. That said, she confessed that she often posts negative things about politicians. Such comments didn’t pass Trump by.

After the potential juror suggested he was selfish, MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian said, “It seems the former president does not like this response, leaning back, crossing his arms in hearing these opinions of him.”

One New Yorker said that they lived in, “One of Trump’s constructions and had no complaints about how they were built,” McBrien said. At that, Trump nodded along approvingly.

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