Donald Trump and Joe Biden finally join forces for a common mission — explaining why ‘President Trump’ is a very bad idea

by Jessica

There is practically nothing that President Joe Biden and Donald Trump like to agree on — if one says something, the other has to counter it. That’s why it makes me so happy to see Biden joining Trump in laying out the ironclad reason voting for Trump would be the biggest mistake you commit in 2024.

Not that many need any extra motivation to shun the very idea of seeing the GOP candidate back in the White House, but it does put a nice icing on the cake to say how Trump’s one decision would make life rather troublesome for 45 million Americans in one go — by killing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), something which has been on his agenda for years since he first assumed office as the U.S. President. And he has not given up on the dream even though his repeated attempts to terminate the law have been, to put it mildly, a resounding failure.

In recent years, the renowned health reform (launched by then-President Barack Obama) has been embraced by even more Americans as they understand the perks of the almost 14-years-old law whose health care coverage includes advantages like free preventive service for seniors, no denial of coverage for those with preexisting conditions, making health insurance more affordable, etc.

In his time, Trump did his best to sabotage the ACA and it remains one of his priorities (via CNN) if he returns to office for a second term.

“We’re gonna fight for much better health care than Obamacare. Obamacare is a catastrophe. Nobody talks about it.”

And what is his idea of “better health care?” Well, it was dubbed “Trumpcare” back in 2017 and faced a massive defeat in the House of Representatives, after it failed to find support (and faced protests) from the masses since its shaky foundation and aimless plans that didn’t understand the nuisances of the healthcare system threatened to cost millions of Americans their health insurance — 14 million people in the U.S. in the first year of its implementation itself. I shudder to think what “upgrades” it has received in the years since then.

But the continued defeats have done little to deter him as the ACA remains on his kill list if hell freezes over and he becomes president again. In his own, very obvious way, Trump is underlining in bold why he should be kept away from the White House.

Of course, when Trump is so eagerly serving a giant reason for not electing him as president, the Biden administration would be foolish to not scoop it up. They are 2024 election competitors, of course, they will try to undermine each other. The only difference is that one actually makes sense in the process and the other just jumps and screams “CROOKED” and “WITCH HUNT” (sometimes without any context) in retaliation.

Of course, the ACA has its disadvantages as well — taxes for people with higher incomes have spiked, many have to pay higher premiums on existing health insurance, etc. But it has always been argued (by the saner section of the society and government) that the pros far outweigh the cons of the act so far — Barack Obama even shared a whole thread of heartwarming real-life stories of Americans who were saved because the ACA exists.

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