Trump and Associates’ Post-Wake Fast Food Feast Stirs Controversy

by Jessica

According to a report by Daily Mail on Saturday, March 30, 2024, former President Donald Trump made headlines during his recent trip to New York by visiting the All-American Hamburger Drive-In in Massapequa.

This visit, following his attendance at the wake of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, who was tragically murdered on duty, sparked curiosity and discussion as Trump and his entourage indulged in a massive fast food order.

The scene at All-American Hamburger Drive-In was reminiscent of Trump’s well-known affinity for fast food, a preference he has unabashedly displayed in the past, including serving fast food to sports teams at the White House.

The manager of the drive-in revealed that Trump’s order was no ordinary affair, consisting of 18 ‘double double’ cheeseburgers, 10 hot dogs, two quarter-pounders, along with 20 orders of fries and 10 orders of onion rings.

Despite the pouring rain, dozens of Trump supporters clad in his paraphernalia gathered nearby as the former president arrived, exchanged words with Officer Diller’s family, and engaged with local GOP officials.

This visit not only highlighted Trump’s culinary preferences but also emphasized his engagement with local communities, especially in times of tragedy and remembrance.

Manager Richard Vultaggio, in an interview with the New York Post, shared insights into Trump’s visit, including the sizable order and the inclusion of amount of mustard and ketchup.

Trump’s payment, made via credit card, was accompanied by a “generous” cash tip, indicating his appreciation for the meal and the service.

The significance of this visit was further magnified by the context of Officer Diller’s untimely death. Trump, addressing the solemn occasion during the wake, expressed deep sorrow and called for strengthened measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

He emphasized the importance of respecting law enforcement and the need for a robust approach to maintain law and order.

The ceremony for Officer Jonathan Diller, 31, saw Trump’s poignant remarks about the impact of the incident on Diller’s family and the community at large.

Trump’s presence at the event, despite the somber atmosphere, reflected his commitment to acknowledging and addressing issues affecting law enforcement and public safety.

In addition to his verbal statements, Trump also took to social media, posting on Truth Social about Diller’s death, offering prayers for the family and expressing gratitude for law enforcement officers.


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