MAGA Delivers Bad News To Trump After Outrage Erupts Over His ‘Hostile’ Actions

by Jessica

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has undergone a significant transformation under the leadership of Donald Trump, drawing both praise and criticism from various factions within the GOP.

According to reports by Raw Story, Longtime GOP activist Al Cárdenas, who boasts an extensive political resume including leadership roles within Florida’s Republican Party and the American Conservative Union, expressed dismay over the changes within the RNC during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” According to Cárdenas, the organization has shifted dramatically under what he describes as the “MAGA takeover,” led by Trump and his allies.

“They fired over 90 people,” Cárdenas said. “They’re moving a small squad to integrate with a presidential campaign by name only. They’re concentrating on lawyers and election fraud. We did that in Florida. We created the very same mechanism they’re trying to do nationally. You know, what we did, we ended up with three arrests, all Republicans in the small village of the Villages, a retirement community. This is nonsense, I mean, it’s only spending millions to perpetuate the fallacy that there was election fraud in 2020. That’s all, that’s all it is, but, you know, replacing the RNC and what it does, to me, I’ve given it 40 years of my life. It breaks my heart. It takes away a major component of getting your communities involved in the political process, and now it’s all going to be dictated from the top, and you wonder what our future will be down the ballot.”

One of the most notable changes was the replacement of former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel with Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, as co-chair overseeing fundraising efforts. This move signaled Trump’s firm grip on the organization’s leadership and strategic direction.

“Now the RNC is run by Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, and Christina Bobb, irony and shame officially died when she was hired as the head of election integrity,” said co-host Willie Geist. “One of the chief conspiracy theorists about the 2020 election was in that infamous war room on the eve of Jan. 6 at the Willard Hotel with Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon. Larger question to you, what are Republicans like you and Joe [Scarborough] and the ones I’ve known my whole life growing up to do at this moment? Reagan Republicans, George W. Bush, H.W. Bush, McCain, Romney, go all the way up the line, small-government, low-tax conservatives, where is the home for them in American politics right now?”

Additionally, the recent appointment of Christina Bobb, a former Newsmax anchor known for espousing election conspiracy theories, as head of election integrity raised eyebrows among political observers. Critics raised concerns about the implications of such appointments on the RNC’s credibility and commitment to fair and transparent electoral processes.

“Some have left, some have stayed,” Cárdenas said. “You know, we’re doing something for Liz Cheney soon. My wife [‘The View’ co-host Ana Navarro] is going to be introducing her at a book event here just to bring back, if nothing else, the memory of a sane party and my — look, Michael Steele with your MSNBC team, he and I served together at the RNC. He shares the same, you know, concerns that I do, this is a very sad time for us. It’s a very sad time for what I consider to be, you know, a two-party system in America. It’s a very sad time for democracy at its best. It’s a very sad time for getting rid of — I for one am not leaving. I’m here to stay and try to consider this a cycle that will leave us eventually, but in my opinion, it does us no service.”

The Trump administration’s influence over the RNC has sparked debates among GOP activists, with some applauding the alignment with Trump’s agenda and others expressing reservations about the party’s direction under his leadership. As the RNC continues to navigate these changes, its role within the Republican Party and the broader political landscape remains subject to scrutiny and speculation.

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