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What Happened to Donald Trump After Jan.6 Capitol Attack

by Jessica

Following the events of the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl, renowned for his Trump exposé “Tired of Winning,” examined former President Donald Trump’s suitability for office amid heightened scrutiny.

Karl shared insights on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” shedding light on concerns raised by individuals in close proximity to Trump.

Discussing Trump’s mental state, anchor Joy Reid referred to Karl’s reporting on discussions involving key figures such as Mike Pompeo, Steve Mnuchin, and Betsy DeVos contemplating the 25th Amendment.

Mitch McConnell also reportedly led an effort to exclude Trump from the inauguration, highlighting the intensity of concerns within his inner circle, as reported by Raw Story on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

Karl, when asked about Trump’s mental state, emphasized that he couldn’t personally make that judgment. However, he highlighted that those closest to Trump, including Pompeo and Mnuchin, were the ones expressing doubts about his mental fitness.

Recalling the events following the January 6 attack, Karl stated that these individuals considered removing Trump from office due to perceived mental instability that hindered his ability to fulfill presidential duties.

While Pompeo and Mnuchin had initially denied these discussions, Karl pointed out that sworn testimony confirmed the occurrence of such conversations.

These talks, however, didn’t progress far, partly due to the resignation of Cabinet members, reducing the pool of potential supporters for such actions.

The discussion extended beyond the 25th Amendment, with Karl referencing an anonymous statement from a high-ranking official who spent over a year with Trump in the West Wing.


Karl underscored the significance of this statement, obtained from a person deeply concerned about a potential second Trump White House.

The official, choosing to remain anonymous due to fears of retribution, expressed worry about the implications of Trump’s leadership based on firsthand observations of his operational style.

Karl acknowledged the parallels with the well-known case of “Anonymous,” later revealed to be Miles Taylor, who worked at the Department of Homeland Security. However, Karl emphasized that this anonymous official, with a higher seniority and more prolonged exposure to Trump, provided unique insights into the president’s behavior.

Despite concerns about potential repercussions, this individual refrained from publicly challenging the president but felt compelled to convey apprehensions about the prospect of another Trump administration.

In essence, Karl’s revelations painted a picture of deep-seated concerns about Trump’s mental fitness for office, originating not from political adversaries but from those who had worked closely with him, highlighting the gravity of the situation within Trump’s inner circle.

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