Trouble For Trump In GOP If He Wins Nomination As He’s Told To Forget Loyalty To Him By Will Hurd

by Jessica

Former U.S. representative Will Hurd from Texas is making waves as he challenges the prevailing loyalty to former President Donald Trump within the Republican Party.

According to a report by The INQUISTR on Monday, September 25, 2023, despite struggling to gain traction for his presidential candidacy, Hurd’s refusal to pledge unwavering allegiance to Trump has thrust him into the spotlight, albeit not always in the way he might have hoped.

Hurd’s journey to the presidential race hit a roadblock when he failed to secure a spot in the first Republican presidential debate.

Coincidentally, around the same time, Donald Trump took to a social media platform to announce his decision not to participate in the debate.

Hurd, long recognized as an outspoken critic of Trump, found himself on the sidelines due to both poor poll ratings and his refusal to embrace Trump’s leadership, as reported by The Texas Tribune.

“I have said from day one of my candidacy that I will not sign a blood oath to Donald Trump,” declared Hurd at the time.

“The biggest difference between me and every single candidate who will be on the debate stage in Milwaukee is that I never bent the knee to Trump.”

Hurd’s principled stand against pledging allegiance to the former president has made him a notable outlier in the GOP race.

Hurd, a 45-year-old former representative who served three terms in the House until January 2021, has consistently positioned himself as a

voice of reason within the Republican Party. When he initially announced his presidential bid, Hurd stated, “We need common sense.

I believe the Republican Party can be the party of the future, not the past.” He went on to highlight the challenges facing America, from illegal immigration to economic concerns, making a case for a different path forward.

In a strongly-worded video statement, Hurd expressed his concerns about the direction of the party: “Our enemies plot, create chaos, and threaten the American Dream.

At home, illegal immigration and fentanyl stream into our country. Inflation is still out of control. Crime and homelessness growing in our cities.

President Biden can’t solve these problems or won’t. And if we nominate a lawless, selfish, failed politician like Donald Trump who lost the House, the Senate, and the White House we all know Joe Biden will win again.”

Hurd’s bold stance against Trump came to a head during the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner, a significant fundraiser and platform for presidential candidates.

Unlike many of his competitors, Hurd openly criticized the former president by name.

He began his speech with a direct challenge: “Donald Trump is not running for president to make America great again.” Hurd went on to assert, “Donald Trump is running to stay out of prison.”

He further warned that electing Trump for a second term would inadvertently grant Joe Biden another four years in the White House, a message that garnered both applause and jeers from the audience.

The boisterous reactions at the Iowa event demonstrated the enduring influence and loyalty Trump commands within the Republican Party.

Hurd’s willingness to confront the former president head-on highlighted the difficulties faced by anyone seeking to challenge Trump’s authority.

Beyond his confrontations with Trump, Hurd has distinguished himself as the first Republican candidate to unveil a comprehensive policy proposal on artificial intelligence.

This strategy, known for its balanced consideration of AI’s potential and risks, departs from the typical Republican approach to minimal government intervention in private industries.

Hurd advocates for more significant federal government involvement in AI, not only in administrative tasks but also in sensitive areas like national defense.

He also calls for “strict regulations” on the export of AI technology, including licensing requirements for organizations developing AI models and the elimination of liability exemptions for developers under existing rules.

Will Hurd’s journey in the GOP presidential race is far from conventional.

His principled stance against pledging loyalty to Donald Trump and his forward-looking policy proposals on AI have set him apart in a crowded field of candidates.

As the 2024 election season unfolds, Hurd’s determination to challenge the status quo within the Republican Party will undoubtedly continue to shape the political discourse.

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