The murder trial for a Colorado man accused of killing his mother and tossing her into a dumpster begins this week in Pueblo.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, investigators released surveillance video of a man in October 2019 driving up to a dumpster at a South Side Pueblo car wash off of Ivywood Lane. The man then took a suitcase from his trunk and threw it in the dumpster.

The suspect was identified as Anthony Cuevas and the victim was his mother, 58-year-old Maria Cuevas-Garcia.

Police found the suspect’s vehicle — a small, blue, four-door car — and executed search warrants around the city looking for him, according to Sgt. Franklyn Ortega of the Pueblo Police Department.

Several days later, police arrested Cuevas and his wife outside of a restaurant, Court TV reports. Cuevas was charged with first-degree murder and violating parole, while his wife was charged with criminal impersonation.

Detectives said that the suspect removed the victim’s hands, feet, and head. Additional body parts were found in April 2020 by the Arkansas River, according to CBS 5. Police said the victim was likely killed inside her home; the suspect was staying with her at the time.

Police said the suspect had only been living with his mother for a few weeks when the deadly incident happened. He had recently been released from prison.

“She was pretty much the life of our family, she loved to be involved in everything, and she was very selfless and helpful,” the victim’s granddaughter, Destia Hamilton, told CBS 5.

“For him to do this after she was willing to open her home to him and feed him and his wife, you know, it just doesn’t make any sense.”