Tragic Tale of Mother’s Hospital Table Outburst: Daughter’s Devastating Demise and Shocking Legal Outcome

by Jessica

Startling court documents reveal the horrifying story of a 36-year-old mother, Jessica, who, according to prosecutors, thrust a hospital table into her 14-year-old special-needs daughter’s abdomen while the child was confined to a hospital bed.

The consequences were devastating, as the child reportedly died from blunt force trauma to her torso. An autopsy exposed two fractured ribs and a ruptured liver, all resulting from the traumatic incident.

Initially charged with negligent manslaughter and aggravated child abuse, Jessica pleaded that it was an accident, claiming she had no intent to harm her daughter.

However, the jury found her guilty of battery and child abuse, leading to a 1-year prison sentence. She’s also obligated to serve three years of probation upon her release.

The medical examiner’s findings shed a grim light on the incident, stating that the child passed away in her hospital room five days after suffering severe injuries, akin to those seen in traffic crash victims.

The autopsy further highlighted the obliteration of the girl’s liver, and the trauma proved fatal within minutes. The 14-year-old special-needs girl was confined to her hospital bed alongside her mother, Jessica, and grandmother, Rose.

Initially, Jessica claimed ignorance about the cause of her daughter’s injuries but eventually admitted to striking her with the hospital table.

She shared that the altercation began when her daughter got upset over crayons, leading to a tragic sequence of events. Jessica slammed the table into her daughter’s abdomen and leaned onto it with her full weight.

Tragically, even after her daughter expressed pain and took responsibility for her injury, Jessica continued leaning on the table, grinding it into her daughter’s liver, leading to a catastrophic outcome.

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