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Tragedy Unfolds 22-Year-Old Woman in Custody for Allegedly Fatally Stabbing Young Sibling in North Carolina Home

by Jessica

In a tragic incident unfolding this week, a 22-year-old woman is currently in custody, accused of fatally stabbing her young sibling in their residence.

The somber events transpired on the night of Tuesday, Jan. 16, prompting a response from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office to a report of a missing 10-year-old child at a home located in the 2000 block of Beaverdam Road, just outside Enfield, North Carolina. Upon arrival, deputies discovered that the victim’s mother had found her child deceased in the backyard.

According to the sheriff’s office, the young victim had suffered multiple stab wounds. Investigators assert that Kaneijah Bradley allegedly carried out the stabbing within the confines of their home before relocating the child’s body to the backyard.

In response to these distressing circumstances, authorities promptly arrested Bradley on a charge of murder, subsequently booking her into the Halifax County Detention Center, where she is being held without bond. Bradley is scheduled to make a court appearance on Jan. 25.

The investigation into this heartbreaking incident is ongoing, with the motive behind Bradley’s actions remaining unknown at this time.

Halifax County Sheriff Tyree Davis expressed condolences in a statement, remarking, “This is such a sad incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.” As the community grapples with the devastating loss, law enforcement continues to work diligently to unravel the details surrounding this tragic event.

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