There’s A Good Chance MAGA Could Die In SC, A Black Man Beats Trump

by Jessica

As we look ahead to the 2024 election, there seems to be a prevailing belief that the GOP will once again choose Donald Trump as their top candidate.

This feeling of inevitability may be reminiscent of the 2016 election when pollsters heavily favored Hillary Clinton, and Trump’s victory stunned many. However, some voices, like Michael Moore, were warning against underestimating Trump’s chances.

Steve Schmidt, a seasoned political figure, has intriguing views on the matter. He speculates that Trump might avoid debates, assuming he’s the surefire candidate, but if his position weakens, he might have to defend his turf on stage, potentially facing formidable opponents like Chris Christie.

Among the contenders is Tim Scott, whom some believe aspires to become the vice presidential candidate like Nikki Haley. Schmidt believes that all the other candidates are more competent than Trump.

Trump’s presidency shattered norms, and the constitutional mechanisms to remove him were there, but a complicit GOP hindered the process, blocking impeachment attempts and invoking the 25th Amendment.

Schmidt argues that Trump’s incitement of an insurrection should have been reason enough to declare him unfit for office.

There’s an intriguing scenario where MAGA could fade in South Carolina, and a Black man could succeed Trump. Such an outcome would be wild, and if Trump fails to secure the GOP nomination, his ego might drive him to run as a third-party candidate. This could potentially defuse any threat from No Labels, an independent political group, and boost Biden’s chances.

Overall, Steve Schmidt shares his thoughts on the matter, including criticism of Ron DeSantis’ recent actions, alluding to a “joke of a reset” at a luxurious resort in Utah.

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