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Inside the Talk Show Turmoil: Writers Guild Protests and Celebrity Pin Controversy Rock TV Studios!

by Jessica
Whoopi Goldberg

As The View’s audience members lined up outside the show’s 66th Street entrance in Manhattan, a striking sight unfolded as a group of Writers Guild of America (WGA) members staged a protest near ABC Studios, brandishing signs of dissent.

Amidst the ongoing strikes led by SAG-AFTRA and WGA against the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), daytime and late-night talk shows have found themselves at a crossroads.

They must choose between standing in solidarity with the striking members or forging ahead with their programming. Notably, The View, in defiance of the strike, proceeded to air new episodes for its 27th season starting on September 5, albeit without the participation of its two WGA writers.

This decision has stirred controversy, particularly among the writers responsible for crafting content for these talk shows.

Live with Kelly and Mark, along with The Talk, have continued production during the strike, while The Jennifer Hudson Show and The Drew Barrymore Show are set to debut on September 18, not without generating significant controversy.

The Drew Barrymore Show has recently faced criticism for resuming production and taking action against two audience members who sported Writers Guild of America pins within the studio.

On Tuesday, head writers from the show spoke to Rolling Stone from the picket lines outside the studio, and security temporarily confiscated WGA pins from the show’s guests, adding fuel to the ongoing dispute.

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