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The Morning Briefing: Democrats’ Desperate Biden Options—Basement or Replacement

by Jessica
Joe Biden

Greetings, dear readers of the Kruiser Morning Briefing. Anselmo was pleasantly surprised by the popularity of his “Borscht and Tamales” night at singles bingo.

This topic has become popular among those on the Right, as we observe Joe Biden’s physical and mental decline without subscribing to the delusions of his “supporters.” We trust our own eyes and are honest about reality.

Biden’s fan club, backed by the mainstream media, has been dismissing any signs of his cognitive decline, going so far as to claim that such signs are proof he isn’t suffering from it.

However, now that Biden has announced his reelection bid, some of his supporters are beginning to acknowledge the truth about his diminishing capacities.

Critics on the Left occasionally mention the sandbag incident as if it absolves Biden of all his other stumbles and lapses in memory. But the reality is, the concerns about his cognitive abilities extend far beyond that isolated incident.

There are rumors, particularly among conservatives, that some on the Left are contemplating replacing Biden.

It’s an intriguing topic, and many believe that if the Dems were to retire Biden, they might try to persuade Kamala Harris to distance herself from the Biden succession discussions, ultimately making way for Gavin Newsom.

Regardless of these speculations, the Democrats need to address the issue soon. Keeping Biden as a candidate for another year seems unsustainable, as his condition appears to worsen with each public appearance.

A realistic concern is that if Biden steps down, Harris could become the frontrunner and potentially be propelled into a full term in the Oval Office through the Magic Mail-In Ballot Machine.

It is true that Biden’s situation is messy, and every potential replacement option seems less favorable.

Moreover, the Democrats, despite their buyer’s remorse over Harris, prioritize diversity, making it difficult to displace the first female and Black Vice President of the United States.

In conclusion, Joe Biden’s decline is evident, and though alternatives exist, none appear ideal.

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