Escape from Clemens Unit: Texas Mother Aids Son’s Prison Break, Faces Serious Charges

by Jessica

A Texas mother, Leonor Priestle, and her son, Robert Yancy Jr., serving a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault of a child, were allegedly involved in an escape from the Texas Department of Corrections, Clemens Unit in Brazoria County. Priestley, a former correctional officer, is now charged with permitting or facilitating an escape.

Yancy managed to escape the correctional facility, prompting a search that led to his arrest in Matagorda County the day after the alleged escape. Civilians reportedly spotted him, resulting in his apprehension. Yancy now faces additional escape charges.

Authorities assert that Priestle, during a visit to the Clemens Unit, assisted her son by providing him with a black sweater, which he wore as they walked out of the facility. They left in a white Nissan Versa. Priestley was arrested in Victoria on Sunday evening, along with her boyfriend, Russell Williams, who is charged with criminal intent to escape.

Upon Yancy’s arrest, he was found with an ID believed to have been presented during his exit from the prison. It remains unclear if Priestle or Williams have legal representation or have entered pleas. Priestley, who served as a corrections officer from 2010 to 2011, faces charges related to her role in the escape.

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