The three despicable women wanted the man’s food stamp benefits, and when they thought he would inevitably die from his injuries, they took it as an opportunity to duplicate his welfare benefits. Their welfare was probably not enough for these greedy gluttons, so they wanted to double down to get more, and there was only one way in their twisted minds to do it.

Lynch stood in the way of them getting more free government money, so in an act that is the absolute epitome of entitlement, the women beat the girlfriends senselessly when they didn’t get what they wanted. But it didn’t stop there.

“I didn’t think this story could get any worse, but obviously as we have learned, it can and it did,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian told of the heinous things that transpired after Lynch’s resistance.

The woman held Lynch in her ramshackle house of horrors for days, constantly beating her until she died from the abuse. When police arrived, Kirby was with the victim’s battered and bloody body in the home’s only bathroom, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

The other two killers, who helped Kirby, weren’t at the trailer at the time authorities showed up, but they were soon found and brought to justice for the despicable things they did to this woman over food stamps. All three were arrested and charged with kidnapping and capital murder, and they are now being held without bond.