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Teen Allegedly Stabbed Ex-Girlfriend 15 Times Before Attempting To Slit His Own Throat

by Jessica

On June 3rd, a rising high school senior became the victim of a brutal knife attack in Florida. Madison Schemitz, along with her mother, Jackie Roge, and friend Casey Estep, were having a meal at Mr. Chubby’s Wings in Ponte Vedra Beach when they unexpectedly encountered Schemitz’s former boyfriend, Spencer Pearson. Despite their recent breakup, no one could have anticipated the violent turn of events that followed.

The three women wanted to avoid any confrontation with Pearson, who they spotted at a nearby table and decided to leave the restaurant promptly. However, the 18-year-old graduate allegedly pursued them outside, wielding a knife. It appears that his primary target was Schemitz, but he also inflicted stab wounds on the other two women, and shockingly, he attempted to harm himself, leading to what seems like an intended murder-suicide. The victims are now fighting for their lives, grappling with serious injuries in the aftermath of the horrifying incident.

According to Schemitz’s oldest sibling, Tatiana Cruceta, her sister had dated Pearson for some time, but they had broken up a few months ago. In the aftermath of the breakup, Pearson allegedly harassed her and made threats against her safety. The family had even contemplated obtaining a restraining order against him, indicating that the attack was premeditated.

Casey Estep, who was present with Schemitz at the restaurant, shared that they knew they had to leave as soon as they spotted Pearson. The group discreetly asked for their check and headed towards the restaurant’s exit. However, Pearson attacked Schemitz and her mother with the knife during their attempt to leave.

As a result of the attack, Schemitz sustained multiple severe stab wounds, reportedly around 15, according to an arrest report. She is currently undergoing treatment at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital, having suffered significant injuries, including a spinal cord injury that has left her paralyzed. The medical team is optimistic about her recovery, as she is scheduled to begin physical therapy soon.

Jackie Roge, while trying to protect her daughter, also suffered injuries during the incident. According to the arrest record, she was stabbed in the leg and forehead. A GoFundMe page was set up to support the family, and Roge provided a brief update on their conditions, expressing hope for Madison’s recovery and requesting prayers for both of them.

The incident has shocked the community, and the victim’s loved ones are hoping for justice and a full recovery for Madison Schemitz as they come to terms with this traumatic event.

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