Suspended District Judge Arrested for Alleged Attempted Murder Accused of Shooting Boyfriend and Blaming Him

by Jessica

Over the weekend, a suspended district judge, Sonya McKnight, was arrested for allegedly shooting her boyfriend in the face while he slept and attempting to shift the blame onto him. Susquehanna Township Police responded to the incident at the victim’s home in Harrisburg on Saturday, Feb. 10, after receiving a shooting report.

According to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, McKnight is accused of shooting Michael McCoy in the head, resulting in the bullet entering the right side of his face, traversing through his head, and exiting the left side, leaving him blind in one eye. McCoy had reportedly broken up with McKnight and was attempting to make her move out.

The arrest affidavit states that on the night of Feb. 9, after McCoy returned home, he found McKnight on his couch in pajamas. He informed her that he would be calling her mother to assist with moving her belongings, signaling the end of their relationship. In the early hours of the next day, McCoy woke up with severe head pain and screamed as he discovered he couldn’t see. McKnight allegedly feigned innocence, asking, “Mike, what did you do to yourself?” She then called 911, claiming she was sleeping, and heard him screaming.

Doorbell video footage contradicted McKnight’s statement about not leaving the house that night. McCoy suspected that McKnight had followed him to the restaurant where he had dinner. Gunshot residue was found on McKnight’s hands.

McKnight, who had been suspended in November due to misconduct allegations, was arrested on Feb. 15 on charges of criminal attempted murder and aggravated assault. Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo recused himself from the case, as did the Pennsylvania Attorney General, citing a conflict of interest.

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