Marine Veteran Saves Passengers from Violent Subway Attacker in Fatal Chokehold

by Jessica

A mother and her child sought refuge behind a stroller, while a high school student resorted to prayer when confronted by the erratic and menacing behavior of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old man with a history of violent subway attacks.

These harrowing moments transpired on a crowded New York City subway train as Neely ominously declared, “Someone is going to die today.” The disturbing events unfolded on May 1, leading to a fatal outcome.

According to a report by Fox News on October 10, the court papers, publicly disclosed for the first time, were presented in a motion to dismiss charges against Marine veteran Daniel Penny.

Penny stands accused of employing a chokehold to subdue Neely, ultimately leading to Neely’s tragic demise, all in an attempt to safeguard other passengers.

According to the court documents, the testimonies of over a dozen witnesses were crucial in the grand jury’s decision to indict Penny on charges of second-degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

Neely boarded the F train at Manhattan’s Second Avenue station at 2:23 p.m., and almost immediately, his behavior became threatening, as he discarded his jacket, issued menacing threats, and lunged at passengers.

Jordan Neely, known to suffer from mental illness, had a history of violent outbursts against subway riders. One passenger recounted hearing him express disturbing desires, saying, “I want to hurt people, I want to go to Rikers. I want to go to prison.”

Another passenger, a mother taking her son to therapy, testified that she shielded her child behind his stroller as Neely aggressively approached passengers.

A high school student, commuting on the same train, recalled Neely’s ominous declaration of impending harm and began praying for the subway doors to open while clutching her classmate’s chest.

One retiree who provided testimony shared, “In three decades of riding the subway, nothing had ever put fear into me like that.” As Neely continued to threaten passengers and incite panic, Daniel Penny, a Marine veteran, stepped forward to confront him.

Penny bravely grabbed Neely from behind and wrestled him to the floor. The two engaged in a fierce struggle, during which two other men assisted in restraining Neely. Even as Neely went limp, Penny maintained his grip in a chokehold, as revealed by prosecutors.

The incident, as described in the court papers, paints a chaotic and terrifying picture of events that unfolded in the heart of New York City’s subway system.

Passengers on the train were forced to confront the sudden and dangerous threat posed by Jordan Neely.

In the midst of this crisis, Marine veteran Daniel Penny’s actions ultimately prevented a potential tragedy, but the consequences of his intervention have led to his legal entanglement.

As the legal proceedings continue, this case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by both passengers and authorities in ensuring safety on public transportation, especially when confronted with individuals grappling with mental health issues.

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