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Steve Harvey Fires Social Media Manager; Here’s why

by Jessica
Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s name has recently become a prominent topic of discussion on the internet, but not for the anticipated reasons. Amidst rumors of marital infidelity involving his wife, Steve found himself parting ways with his social media manager, a move that has raised eyebrows.

What initially appeared as an innocuous tweet, where Steve asked his fans about comedians they don’t find funny, took an unexpected turn.

The celebrity himself took offense to the post. Like many public figures, Steve employs a team to manage his social media presence. However, the tweet irked him, leading to his evident frustration. He later shared a video of himself addressing the situation while on vacation in a natural setting.

In the video, Steve Harvey offered his apologies and subsequently removed the contentious tweet. He underscored that such behavior was inconsistent with his brand, which revolves around motivation and empowering others to achieve success. Regrettably, the social media manager involved in the incident is likely to seek alternative employment.

In a surprising twist, Steve Harvey’s personal life has also been rocked by reports of marital strife. Allegations of his wife’s infidelity have surfaced, with claims that she is seeking a divorce and a significant portion of Steve’s net worth. The purported extramarital affair involving Marjorie Harvey has been linked to individuals closely associated with Steve.

The accusations include an affair with one of Steve’s bodyguards as well as his personal chef. Following this alleged affair, Marjorie reportedly demanded a divorce and a substantial portion of Steve’s estimated $200 million wealth.

Steve, 66, and Marjorie, 58, have been married for approximately 16 years. Their history dates back to the 1990s when they were acquainted and even dated briefly. Although they went their separate ways, they reconnected in 2005, though Steve was in the midst of a tumultuous marriage.

A year later, in 2006, Steve’s marriage to his second wife, Mary Shackelford, ended amid allegations of infidelity. Steve and Marjorie then tied the knot in 2007. In light of the current rumors, the couple has yet to publicly address the situation. Some speculate that these rumors are unfounded, originating from an anonymous online source. Despite this, the rumors have gained significant traction, creating waves across the internet. Nonetheless, these claims appear to lack substantial evidence.

Nigerian politician and businessman Ned Nwoko has intervened, dispelling the rumors surrounding Steve Harvey and his wife. Nwoko, asserting that he is a close friend of Steve, maintains that he has reached out to the prominent host. He adamantly refutes the allegations, labeling them as baseless and fabricated.

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