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Steve Harvey Vows to Clean House After Wife Cheating Scandal: ‘He’s Ready to Hunt Down Anybody Who Spreads Rumors’

by Jessica
Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey, the 66-year-old host of Family Feud, is reportedly growing increasingly frustrated with unruly staff members and online trolls who have tarnished his reputation by spreading false rumors of a pending divorce due to alleged infidelity. According to sources at, Harvey is determined to clean house and remove those responsible for fueling gossip on his television game show.

An insider revealed that Steve Harvey is at a point in his life and career where he desires a step back, despite being known for his hands-on work ethic. “The trouble is when he eases up, chaos ensues, as evidenced by this social media debacle,” the source explained.

Recently, one of Harvey’s verified online accounts asked fans to name an unfunny comedian. However, when he disapproved of the “completely negative” post, he disclosed that he had fired the staff member responsible for sharing it.

Further online tension arose when a user claimed Harvey had caught his wife, Marjorie, with whom he has been married for 16 years, in an affair with their family’s chef and bodyguard, leading to rumors of divorce. Harvey vehemently denied these allegations, asserting they were untrue.

The insider stated, “Steve is prepared to track down and remove anyone spreading rumors about him and his family.”

Businessman Nel Nwoko affirmed Harvey’s dismissal of divorce rumors, and another source echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that Harvey is committed to preserving his marriage.

“People around him are walking on eggshells,” the source added. Nevertheless, close sources to the couple insist that Steve Harvey and his wife are thriving and have “never been better.”

The initial rumors of infidelity were sparked on social media, with Marjorie also falsely accused of seeking a $200 million divorce settlement. Insiders dismissed these claims and highlighted that the couple had spent the entire summer together, including their annual trip on Magic Johnson’s yacht in July.

Despite the online rumors, Steve Harvey and his wife continue to maintain a strong and loving relationship. Marjorie addressed the gossip on social media, acknowledging their responsibility to address falsehoods due to their public platform.

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