Son killed his 74-year-old father after the elderly man was upset with him for being loud because dying in a fight was the only way for him to get to Valhalla’!

by Jessica

According to police authorities, a 25-year-old man, later identified as Clayton, is alleged to have fatally assaulted his 74-year-old father, Jorge, following a heated argument.

During interviews with investigators, the father reportedly confessed to the act of violence, stating that he repeatedly kicked his elderly father in front of their residence.

Clayton was subsequently apprehended and is now facing charges of open murder and tampering with evidence. The incident was initially reported by a 911 caller who described an elderly individual on the ground, with someone audibly wishing for their demise.

Responding officers found the 25-year-old son, Clayton, washing his feet with water at the scene. During their conversation with the suspect, Clayton allegedly recounted the argument he had with his father.

According to Clayton, his 74-year-old father had reached through a window and threatened to kill him, leading Clayton to retaliate with physical force.

In his own words, Clayton stated that he had “kicked his ass.” Clayton explained that the altercation stemmed from his father’s displeasure with his loud behavior after returning home from a party.

The 74-year-old victim was discovered lying on the ground, and he was promptly transported to the hospital. Tragically, he was pronounced dead the following day.

In interviews with investigators, the 25-year-old son claimed that his father had broken a car window and physically confronted him.

Clayton asserted that Jorge had punched him in the face and forcibly pulled him through the shattered car window by his shirt. Subsequently, Clayton admitted to kicking his father during the altercation, with his father continuing to resist.

Clayton allegedly expressed a belief that his father needed to die in this fight in order to reach Valhalla. He further disclosed to investigators that his father had been provoking him for years, goading him to kill him so that he could ascend to Valhalla, a notion Clayton had previously resisted.

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