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Snake Creeps Into Bedroom And Bites Sleeping Woman

by Jessica

Kaew Sudsopha’s son recently took the initiative to install a camera in his elderly mother’s room to keep a watchful eye on her well-being. Little did he know that one fateful night, the camera would capture an astonishing and unsettling event.

As the camera rolled, it documented a seemingly innocuous scene of Kaew’s foot gently hanging off the edge of her bed while she peacefully slept. On the surface, there appeared to be nothing of concern. However, unbeknownst to Kaew and her son, an uninvited guest had intruded into their home and, astonishingly, into her bedroom.

This unexpected guest was a wild python, which observed Kaew’s foot with curiosity. The snake even flinched at the sporadic movements of her foot. It seemed that the python had selected her foot as its potential next meal, and without warning, it sank its fangs into Kaew’s foot.

Initially, Kaew remained oblivious to the situation, but as the excruciating pain intensified, she was abruptly roused from her slumber. She hastily reached for a flashlight and directed its beam toward the source of her distress on the floor. To her astonishment, she found herself face-to-face with the serpent, its eerie, luminous eyes mere inches away.

Terrified by the snake’s presence, Kaew sought refuge in her son’s room, where she urgently woke him. Together, they managed to corner the serpent in the bathroom, wisely deciding to summon animal control for assistance. The professionals arrived promptly, discovering the python perched atop a closed toilet.

With their expertise, the animal control team safely captured the snake and subsequently released it into its natural habitat, far from its home. The camera footage served as crucial evidence of this remarkable event, as it was a tale that would be difficult to believe without visual proof.

Understandably, Kaew may now have reservations about sleeping alone in her bedroom after such a harrowing encounter. The incident, while startling, serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of life.

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