Shocking video shows Texas child dodging gunfire as bullets fly past him during drive-by shooting

by Jessica

An unsettling video shows a 9-year-old child in Texas dodging bullets as a drive-by shooting happens right outside his apartment.

The video, which was taken earlier in May, shows the child crawling on a couch and screaming when he hears the gunfire. Smoke and debris from the gunfire blasts into the living room during the video.

The frightened boy then crouches down and looks expectantly towards the window. After a few moments, he dashes from the couch to another part of his apartment.

The shooting, which happened at Miramar Apartments and Townhomes in Fort Worth, Texas, on May 1, injured six people. Four children were among the wounded, NBC DFW reported.

The child’s mother, MaryJane Gonzales, told NBC DFW that the video shows her son running towards her for safety.

“I made sure he was fine, came out here to see where exactly they shot, and as I was out here, I heard all the families downstairs yelling,” she explained.

Gonzales, who works as a medical assistant, told the local outlet that she had tried to stop the bleeding of one of the victims: a 3-year-old girl.

“That one was really hard for me,” she described. “Seeing her going in and out of consciousness.”

The mother explained that she is trying to move her family to a safer community in the wake of the shooting, which Fort Worth Police are still investigating.

“It forever changed our life. We are traumatized,” Gonzales said. “I’ve never seen anyone get shot, let alone a child. I’ve never had to experience that.”

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