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Senator Tim Scott Endorses Trump Amid Engagement Buzz, Sparks Speculation at Rally

by Jessica

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) recently made headlines by endorsing former President Donald Trump during a rally in New Hampshire last Friday. Trump, in a moment captured on Monday, playfully addressed the recent news of Scott’s engagement, fueling speculative rumors about Scott’s personal life.

During the event, Trump expressed surprise about Scott’s engagement, making it a focal point of his remarks: “Today it was a big story, the biggest story out there: He’s engaged to be married. We never thought this was going to happen. What’s going on?” Trump then called Scott to the podium, teasing the crowd with questions like, “How many of y’all want me to stop talking so you can hear from your next president, Donald J. Trump?

Notably, during Trump’s victory speech on Tuesday night, Scott appeared behind him, laughing awkwardly as Trump and one of his rivals for the GOP’s vice-presidential slot, Vivek Ramaswamy, criticized Nikki Haley. Trump accused Haley of falsely claiming victory, while Ramaswamy asserted that her continued candidacy represented the “ugly underbelly of American politics.”

As Trump continued to criticize Haley for her performance, Scott enthusiastically supported the former president, clapping and cheering. Ramaswamy, standing alongside Scott, further attacked Haley, claiming she wanted to cut Social Security to fund Ukraine. Scott nodded along as Ramaswamy condemned Haley for allegedly prioritizing foreign interests over American citizens.

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