Self-Harm: Hunter Biden’s Memoir Became Source of Tax Evasion Evidence

by Jessica
Hunter Biden

A recent revelation has shed light on the alleged tax crimes of Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden. The memoir written by Hunter Biden in 2021, titled “Beautiful Things:

A Memoir” turned out to contain details about some of the tax evasion schemes he was reportedly involved in.

This information was brought to light by an IRS whistleblower known as “Whistleblower X,” who testified before the House Oversight Committee.

“That’s almost the biggest component of this that I don’t think that the general public understands: You have statements being made in a book that is talking about going out to California, leaving your life and then going to start this new life. Yet, on your tax return you’re essentially stating things that are completely different,” Ziegler told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

According to the IRS agent Joseph Ziegler, who previously remained anonymous as Whistleblower X, the memoir revealed that certain expenses claimed by Hunter were actually personal choices rather than benefiting any corporate interests.

Ziegler, along with IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley, the first whistleblower in Hunter Biden’s case, is currently gathering additional documents to present to Congress.

This trove reportedly includes WhatsApp messages, one of which was already made public in 2017, where Hunter used his father’s name to pressure a Chinese associate into paying substantial amounts of money.

Moreover, per the whistleblower, IRS agents saw evidence that the first son was engaged in tax evasion that “stretched back two decades.” “In my transcript, I talked about certain issues that Hunter had, I think, going back to the early 2000s,” he said.

The whistleblower alleges that there is evidence linking President Joe Biden to his son’s tax case, contradicting the president’s previous denials of involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

According to Ziegler, a family friend named Rob Walker informed the FBI that then-Vice President Joe Biden attended a meeting with Chinese executives, and Hunter even deducted a hotel room in his father’s name as a business expense.

Ziegler’s team faced challenges in determining whether Joe Biden actually used the room or was present at the hotel. Nonetheless, it was confirmed that the deduction was taken on Hunter’s tax return. In June, Hunter Biden reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors on two minor tax crimes and a gun case.

“[Hunter Biden] was money laundering. He was racketeering. He committed wire fraud. He violated the Mann Act. The list goes on and on and on,” Comer alleged.

Despite the plea deal, Republican congressmen remain resolute in investigating Hunter’s alleged crimes. House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer stated that he expects to file “between six and 10 criminal referrals” with the Justice Department concerning Hunter after the congressional probe is concluded.

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