Sasha Obama practices self-care at the spa in Los Angeles

by Jessica

Sasha Obama, aged 22, is setting an example for self-care enthusiasts everywhere. Recently, she was spotted exiting a lavish day spa in Los Angeles, sporting a makeup-free and radiant look. Spending more than three hours at the renowned Burke Williams spa, Sasha emerged rejuvenated and refreshed.

Rocking a seemingly fresh manicure from her spa visit, Sasha explored the spa’s diverse offerings, including massages, facials, and chiropractic treatments, making it evident why she happily invested three hours of her time there. Comfy and stylish, she donned a vibrant green sweatsuit paired with a brown cropped tank top, ensuring her comfort during the visit. Sasha also prioritized hydration, clutching a reusable water bottle.

Following her graduation with a degree in sociology from USC in May, Sasha has been savoring her summer. On Labor Day, she was spotted enjoying the sun in a colorful bikini while hanging out with friends.

Sasha isn’t the only Obama family member making the most of their time. Her older sister, Malia Obama, has been exploring New York City, where she was recently photographed strolling with a friend and an adorable French bulldog puppy. Malia also made fashionable appearances during New York Fashion Week, showcasing her sporty style.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama wrapped up her summer with a delightful visit to Spain, exploring the picturesque cities of Mallorca and Madrid alongside her friends, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain James Costos and his husband, Michael Smith.

As for the former President, Barack Obama is maintaining a low profile while using his platform for humanitarian endeavors. He has been actively appealing for aid to assist victims of flash floods in Libya and the tragic earthquake in Morocco, which claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.


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