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Salma Hayek Drops Jamie Foxx Bombshell

by Jessica

Salma Hayek Sends Heartfelt Message of Encouragement to Jamie Foxx After Health Scare

After Jamie Foxx’s recent medical complication while filming Back in Action in Atlanta, Salma Hayek took to Instagram to send him a touching message of support.

Foxx had broken his silence about the health scare in a video shared on Saturday, expressing gratitude for his fans’ prayers.

Foxx admitted that he had faced a challenging ordeal, one he never thought he would experience. However, he was deeply moved by the overwhelming support and well-wishes from his fans, acknowledging how their encouragement played a significant role in his recovery.

In his heartfelt message, Foxx revealed that he had been hesitant to share updates about his condition because he wanted his fans to see him in a positive light—laughing, enjoying life, and doing what he loves. He didn’t want them to witness him struggling or facing uncertainty.

The actor took the opportunity to thank his younger sister, Deidra Dixon, and his daughter, Corinne Marie, for their unwavering support and protection during his recovery.

He credited them with being instrumental in saving his life, along with the skilled medical professionals who treated him.

Foxx clarified that despite rumors circulating about his health, he was not blind or paralyzed. He admitted that his journey to recovery had its challenges, with a few potholes along the way, but he was grateful to be on the path to healing and was eager to return to work.

Salma Hayek’s heartfelt note echoed the sentiments of many, expressing her admiration for Foxx’s resilience and inner light. She celebrated the love and blessings coming his way and expressed her support for the next chapter of his life.

Hayek also extended her appreciation to Foxx’s sister and daughter for their crucial role in his recovery.

The touching message from Salma Hayek is a testament to the bond shared among friends in the entertainment industry. With the support of loved ones and well-wishers, Jamie Foxx is determined to overcome this challenging time and continue shining in his career.

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