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Rudy Giuliani Appears To Say Trump Assaulted…

by Jessica

Rudy Giuliani recently blasted the $83.3 million verdict in former President Donald Trump’s defamation trial on Friday and offered a less-than-helpful defense of his former client via Mediaite.

It has been noted that a federal jury awarded E. Jean Carroll the massive amount just hours earlier. Last year, a jury found the former president liable for sexually assaulting her in the mid-1990s, though it declined to find him liable for rape.

In that case, Carroll was awarded $5 million. Trump has repeatedly accused her of lying and put her on blast in dozens of social media posts, prompting Carroll to sue. Trump was found liable for defamation last year.

Meanwhile, a jury on Friday decided that Trump must pay Carroll $7.3 million for emotional harm, $11 million in “reputational repair,” and $65 million in punitive damages.

“The judge is a disgrace to the greatest court in America,” Giuliani said on Newsmax on Friday night. “He’s telling a lawyer what questions to ask. That’s ridiculous. He won’t let him defend himself.”

Giuliani then took a detour back to last year’s sexual assault trial.

“First of all, he was found not guilty– or not liable for rape,” he continued. “It was sexual assault, not rape. And second, you can be– you can be guilty of rape, and still, a person can be a whacko. That was a defamation. You’re still allowed to defend yourself against defamation.”

Giuliani himself was found liable for defamation in December.

He falsely claimed that a mother and daughter working election as workers used USB drives to alter the election results in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Afterward, the two women received threats, prompting one to move out of her home. A jury awarded the women $148 million in damages.

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