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Roseanne Drops Jamie Foxx ‘Cloning’ Bombshell

by Jessica

Roseanne Barr recently made false claims about Jamie Foxx during an appearance on Timcast. She shared a conspiracy theory suggesting that Jamie Foxx’s health issues were related to being cloned, supposedly according to something Monique had said.

On another note, Universal Pictures is gearing up for the release of the R-rated comedy movie “Strays” on August 18th.

The film features the voices of Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx. To build anticipation for the movie, a tie-in video game called “Strays of Rage” has been released for free online.

“Strays of Rage” is a browser game that revolves around the movie’s plot. Players take on the role of Reggie, a Border Terrier played by Will Ferrell, who has been abandoned by his owner Doug, portrayed by Will Forte.

Reggie joins forces with a group of other stray dogs, including a Boston Terrier named Bug (voiced by Jamie Foxx), to seek revenge on Doug and separate him from something he holds dear.

The game is designed as an auto-runner, where players click to avoid obstacles while chasing after Doug and a character referred to as “the devil in the sky,” who happens to be a postal worker.

Along the way, players can collect health-refilling items such as pizza and beer.

While “Strays of Rage” is a short gaming experience with only three levels, it offers a fun distraction for those eagerly anticipating the movie’s release.

“Strays” promises to be an entertaining take on the talking animal movie genre, and the game successfully highlights the movie’s absurdity.

The film features an impressive voice cast, including Isla Fisher and Randall Park, and on the human side, Will Forte will be joined by Josh Gad, Sofia Vergara, Dennis Quaid, Harvey Guillen, Brett Gelman, and Will Ferrell’s co-star from “Step Brothers,” Rob Riggle.

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