Rose Hanbury reacts to allegation of ‘affair’ with Kate’s hubby Prince William

by Jessica

Lady Rose Hanbury finds herself amidst a flurry of rumors regarding an alleged affair with Prince William, the husband of her friend Kate Middleton, as she garners attention amid Princess of Wales’s prolonged absence following Catherine’s abdominal surgery in January.

Speculation surrounding the purported William-Rose affair resurfaced prominently after Stephen Colbert delved into what the internet has termed “Katespiracy” – speculation surrounding Kate’s whereabouts.

Colbert’s remarks on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert added fuel to the fire, with him suggesting a potential connection between Kate’s absence and rumors of William’s infidelity, mentioning Rose Hanbury as the focal point of the gossip.

This isn’t the first time rumors linking Hanbury and William have emerged; they initially surfaced in 2019. In response to the swirling rumors, Rose Hanbury has vehemently denied any romantic involvement with the future king.

Kensington Palace chose not to comment on the matter, while Hanbury, through her legal representatives, dismissed the allegations as entirely false, as reported by Business Insider.

Following Colbert’s segment, British TV presenter Piers Morgan weighed in, suggesting that William might be attempting to conceal something significant.

Morgan hinted at having received information that he couldn’t confirm but found worrying concerning the state of affairs within the royal family.

The speculation surrounding William’s alleged affair with Lady Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, a friend of Wales’ with ancestral ties to the royal family, intensified following Princess of Wales’s photo-editing controversy and subsequent apology, all amidst her conspicuous absence from public appearances.

These developments have prompted discussion among social media users, with some expressing concerns about the state of Prince William and Princess Kate’s relationship.

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