Republican Strategist Warns Trump, Points Out Blunder Trump is Making That Could Cost Him Presidency

by Jessica

As Donald Trump ramps up his 2024 presidential campaign, a veteran Republican strategist is sounding the alarm over what she sees as a massive strategic blunder by the former president – one that could potentially cost him the White House.

In a column for MSNBC on Saturday, March 30, Susan Del Percio argues that while Trump may be irked by President Joe Biden’s impressive fundraising numbers, he should be more worried about how he is spending his campaign cash in a wasteful and counterproductive manner.

Biden raised a staggering $26 million at a recent campaign fundraiser attended by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

As Del Percio notes, “These kinds of strong fundraising totals make for great headlines. But they must also irk Trump.”

However, the Republican strategist contends it’s not the amount Biden is raising that should concern Trump, but rather how the President is strategically investing those millions.

Biden has launched a “stunning” $30 million advertising blitz spanning six weeks and has hired 350 new staffers while opening 100 field offices nationwide.

“Having a strong ground operation allows team Biden to develop strategic messages that can be delivered in a more localized, targeted way,” Del Percio writes. “Normally we do not see this type of spending until the convention.”

In contrast, Trump is diverting tens of millions of dollars towards legal fees stemming from the numerous investigations and lawsuits he is facing.

Del Percio warns this could prove disastrous, pointing to August 2020 when Trump “had to go dark in several states where early voting was about to begin” as Biden blanketed the airwaves with ads.

The concerns extend beyond Trump’s campaign operation. Del Percio cites reporting on the struggles of various state Republican parties due to Trump’s relatively bare-bones political infrastructure.

She quotes the Michigan GOP chair warning that Trump’s “lean operation” in the state is in “critical” condition.

There are also potential headwinds at the Republican National Committee level, where Trump has inserted loyalists into key positions following a bitter leadership feud.

Del Percio closes by drawing a stark contrast: “So while Biden is out there raising money, refining his message to voters and building up his field operations, Trump is funneling donations to pay his legal bills and holding press events around his court appearances.”

The veteran GOP strategist argues this lopsided investment into political infrastructure versus personal legal fees represents a damaging narrative that could benefit Biden’s reelection prospects.

“That’s a narrative the Biden team should like,” Del Percio states, suggesting Trump may be squandering a prime opportunity through misguided priorities that prioritize his woes over waging a vigorous nationwide campaign.

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