Report: Biden Gains Advantage in US Presidential Race Due to Economy and Abortion Rights

by Jessica
Joe Biden

Democratic President Joe Biden is enjoying an advantage in the US Presidential race, thanks to a strong economy and voter concerns regarding abortion rights, according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

However, the poll also suggests that voters are open to considering various culture-war issues raised by Republican candidates, including immigration, gender and sexuality education in schools, and transgender participation in youth sports.

The poll indicates that voters are receptive to discussions on these issues, but they are critical of Republicans’ attempts to restrict abortion rights. President Biden, who is seeking a second term, intends to emphasize his economic record, particularly low unemployment and investments in job creation referred to as “Bidenomics.”

The poll revealed that a significant portion of voters (36%) anticipate an improvement in their personal financial situations next year. Optimism surpasses pessimism across Democrats, Republicans, and independents, with 20% expecting a weaker financial situation.

Conducted from July 11-17, the Reuters/Ipsos poll gathered responses from 4,414 US adults, with a margin of precision of approximately 2 percentage points. Analysts suggest that declining inflation and a reduced likelihood of recession could diminish the Republicans’ primary argument against President Biden and the Democrats in the upcoming election.

In a hypothetical matchup between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, the poll shows President Biden leading by 37% to 35%, while the remaining 28% are either undecided or inclined to vote for another candidate.

The poll also indicates that a majority of voters oppose presidential candidates who support strict abortion restrictions. Last year’s congressional elections demonstrated that concerns over the loss of abortion rights were influential among voters. Additionally, suburban white women, considered an important demographic, expressed a reduced likelihood of supporting anti-abortion candidates.

Immigration was another key concern highlighted in the poll, with 48% of respondents agreeing that immigration makes life harder for native-born Americans. Respondents also expressed unease regarding issues related to gender and sexuality education in schools and transgender athletes participating in children’s sports.

Republican candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is among those seeking the Republican nomination, have focused their campaigns on these cultural issues. However, analysts believe that voters may prioritize the economy and abortion over these matters when casting their votes.

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