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Puzzling Tragedy Three Friends Found Dead Days After NFL Game Night Sparks Investigation

by Jessica

The community is left in shock as friends, family, and authorities seek answers following the grim discovery of three men found dead in a backyard just days after enjoying an NFL game together. The incident unfolded on Tuesday, January 9, when a concerned woman, searching for her fiancé, stumbled upon his lifeless body on a back porch at a residence on Northwest 83rd Terrace in Kansas City.

Upon responding to the distress call, Kansas City Police Department officers uncovered two additional male bodies in the backyard. The deceased are Clayton McGeeney, 36, Ricky Johnson, 38, and David Harrington, 37. Despite the tragic circumstances, authorities have reported no apparent signs of foul play. The homeowner claimed that the friends had tragically “froze to death.”

The trio, longtime friends since childhood, had gathered at Jordan Willis’ home on Sunday, January 7, to watch the Kansas City Chiefs face the Los Angeles Chargers. Concerns arose when McGeeney’s fiancée, unable to contact him, discovered the distressing scene after breaking into Willis’ house.

Willis is said to be cooperating with law enforcement, with his attorney, John Picerno, asserting that he had “absolutely nothing to do with the deaths of his three friends.” According to Picerno, Willis did not know his friends remaining in the backyard or needing medical attention, having last seen them when they left his house.

While initially stating that Willis went to sleep while his friends were still present, Picerno later clarified that Willis escorted his friends out before bed. Another person was reportedly present at Willis’ home on that fateful Sunday night and stated that he left before Willis retired for the night. Contradictory details have emerged, with the fifth person’s attorney mentioning that the friends were watching “Jeopardy!” when he departed.

Picerno refuted claims that Willis received any communication regarding the deceased before the police arrived, asserting that Willis, who allegedly sleeps with earbuds and a loud fan, was unaware of any visitors. The fiancée’s attempts to contact Willis through Facebook Messenger reportedly went unnoticed until it was too late. The circumstances surrounding this tragic event continue to raise questions, leaving a tight-knit community in sorrow and bewilderment.

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