Prince William Swiftly And Brutally Deals With Major Unauthorized Announcement Involving Kate Middleton

by Jessica

The world is eager to see Kate Middleton, strong, waving, and smiling again. It has been several months since the Princess of Wales has appeared in public.

The mother of three has removed herself from the spotlight to focus on her mental and physical health. It has been revealed that Kate Middleton is recuperating from abdominal surgery and a stress-related illness stemming from years of pressure because of her status.

She has also been dealt major blows via the wild, personal, and even racist accusations from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

For years, Middleton and the heir to the throne have been dealing with rumors of an affair. Kate Middleton is said to be suffering because of the constant inaccurate chatter about Prince William’s liaison with their close friend, Lady Rose Hanbury.

Most recently, Kate Middleton has been heavily scrutinized for a photoshoot blunder that led Kim Kardashian and Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands, to publicly mock her.

Which is why royal watchers were delighted when the British government officially announced the big return of Prince William’s wife.

A statement released by the British Army’s official website revealed that Kate Middleton is expected to preside over her first royal engagement in June.

According to the army, the Princess of Wales will be present at the Trooping the Colour ceremony, a yearly pompous and grandiose event thrown in honor of King Charles III‘s birthday.

More than 1,400 British Army soldiers will take part in a massive parade, while military planes will perform a fly over Buckingham Palace.

However, Prince William, via Kensington Palace, was quick to order Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) to wipe out the unauthorized announcement.

The Daily Beast reports: “Confusion over whether or not Princess Kate Middleton will be attending the royal family’s marquee summer event, Trooping the Colour, has reignited speculation about her health as she convalesces from abdominal surgery.

The extraordinary debacle unfolded after Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) published a web link inviting the public to reserve places for the rehearsal ceremony on June 8, saying it would be overseen by Kate. The listing generated excitement (and bookings) after British news websites flagged the event.”

The media outlet reported that Middleton’s team angrily pushed back against the ministry’s “cock up” and hasty decision to act without permission from the princess and the heir.

The piece claimed: “However, when The Daily Beast checked with Kensington Palace that Kate was planning to appear at the event, sources in Kate’s office pushed back furiously. They implied the Ministry of Defense had published the listing without checking with Kate’s team, and pointedly added, “Kensington Palace, no one else, confirms the attendance of the Prince and Princess of Wales at events. All mentions of Kate had been scrubbed from the listing on the MOD website.”

The Telegraph has confirmed that Middleton will be able to attend the event, but she and Prince William will announce it when they are good and ready.

The Daily Beast explained that Prince William and his wife will no longer be bullied into making announcements and sharing information that they are uncomfortable with.

It went on to say: “Kate’s team made it clear they would not be bounced into commenting last week by hysterical and ill-informed social media commentary, and it appears they are equally unwilling to make a hasty announcement in reaction to what one source described as “a MOD cock-up.” The source added: “I’m sure she will be there. I think the point is that she wants to be in charge of stage-managing her return to public life, not the MOD.”

The future King and Queen of England are changing the way they deal with the media and the monarchy.

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