Prince Harry’s Playful Banter and BBQ Delight in Texas

by Jessica

Prince Harry subtly acknowledged the ongoing royal feud while engaging in a lighthearted conversation with the owner of La Barbecue in Texas.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Markle, made a trip to Austin for Meghan’s participation in the SXSW Conference on International Women’s Day.

After the event, the couple paid a visit to the renowned Texas restaurant, where they were warmly greeted by the owner and the restaurant staff.

According to Cory Rivademar, the director of Operations, during their visit, Prince Harry was notably impressed by a mural featuring British rocker Freddie Mercury dressed as Queen Elizabeth, located near a unisex bathroom.

In a jesting manner, Harry suggested taking a picture in front of the mural, to which Allison Clem, the owner, and operator of the restaurant, playfully responded, “I think you are in enough trouble as it is,” eliciting a laugh from the Duke.

Rivademar commended the Sussexes for their amiable demeanor, describing them as “absolutely lovely.” The royal couple graciously posed for pictures with the restaurant staff and other patrons.

Even after their departure, the restaurant received a text from Meghan Markle’s representative, praising the establishment for serving the best barbecue they had ever tasted.

“Allison Clem shared that the Sussexes were very genuine and very loving, portraying a happy couple.

It was particularly heartening to see them being kind to people who were unaware of the ongoing events,” mentioned Rivademar in an interview with People magazine.

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