Trouble For Pelosi As Ex Capitol Chief Sund Reveals Hidden Details On The January 6 Capitol Riot

by Jessica

The recent testimony of former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has shed fresh light on the events leading up to the fateful January 6, 2021, Capitol Building riot.

According to an article by Conservative Brief News on Saturday, September 30, 2023, during a 90-minute hearing before the House Oversight Committee, Sund’s revelations have specifically brought attention to the actions of then-House Speaker Nancy and her role in denying a request to deploy National Guard soldiers in the days preceding the riot.

Sund’s testimony has rekindled a debate concerning Speaker Nancy’s involvement in security decisions for the Capitol.

It emerged that three days prior to the riot, Sund had made a request for National Guard soldiers to assist in securing the Capitol.

However, this request was turned down by U.S. House Sergeant of Arms Paul Irving, citing concerns about optics and the assertion that “the intelligence doesn’t support it.”

Sund’s evident frustration with the denial of troops was palpable during his testimony, as he firmly believed their presence could have had a significant impact on securing the Capitol on that fateful day.

His efforts to obtain approval for National Guard support included meetings with both Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael, two of the three members of the Capitol Police Board responsible for overseeing such requests.

The disclosure of Sund’s account has raised questions about Speaker Nancy’s involvement in the decision-making process.

According to Sund, Irving had suggested that he reach out to the Pentagon to assess the availability of Guard personnel, showing a willingness to explore alternative solutions.

Sund’s subsequent conversation with Army Gen. William Walker revealed the possibility of reallocating personnel for assistance.

Subcommittee Chairman Representative Barry even questioned whether Irving had informed Michael of Sund’s impending visit, to which Sund testified that Michael acknowledged Irving’s involvement in devising an alternative strategy.

Michael allegedly remarked, “Sund came here looking for the National Guard. We’ve got to come up with another plan. Nancy will never go for it.”

It’s essential to note that while Sund’s revelations provide insight into the events leading up to January 6, they do not offer a complete understanding of Nancy’s role in the decision-making process.

Sund’s testimony, however, has reignited a debate regarding Speaker Nancy’s influence on security decisions for the Capitol.

Former President Donald Trump has consistently claimed that Nancy, as House speaker, bore ultimate responsibility for security and that she had rejected an offer for 10,000 National Guard troops.

Sund’s testimony has now lent further credence to this assertion.

Representative Loudermilk has indicated that Paul Irving will be summoned to testify before his subcommittee, presenting an opportunity for additional clarification and a deeper understanding of the decision-making process related to Capitol security on January 6.

This development promises to add more complexity to an already intricate narrative, as questions regarding the events of that day continue to loom large in American politics and public discourse.

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