“I Don’t Identify As MAGA Anymore”- Outrage As Black Conservative Exits GOP Over Racist MAGA Event

by Jessica

According to a report by Newsweek published on Monday, March 18, 2024, Rob Smith, a gay and Black conservative who faced a barrage of racist and homophobic slurs while attending a MAGA event last year, has announced his departure from the Republican Party.

MAnnouncinghis podcast “Can’t Cancel Rob Smith” in an episode titled “I Was Betrayed—Rob Smith Speaks Out,” Smith revealed that he now considers himself “politically homeless.”

The incident that played a crucial role in Smith’s decision occurred at an event hosted by Republicans for National Renewal, a conservative advocacy group.

Smith shared a video on social media back in December, showing him being “confronted and surrounded by some White Supremacists that don’t like gays or blacks in the Republican Party.”

He described the encounter as a hate crime and spoke out about the racist and homophobic slurs hurled at him.

Republicans for National Renewal promptly addressed the incident, stating that they do not condone or permit harassment at their events.

However, Smith’s experience left an indelible mark on his political journey. While he still identifies as a “right-leaning person” and intends to continue advocating for his views on political issues.

He said, “When the Rob Smith story is being told about this entire political evolution, let it be known that the Phoenix is very much a catalyst of my evolution completely away from the Republican Party.”

Expressing disappointment in the lack of support he received from fellow Republicans present at the event, Smith recognized former Ohio Congressional candidate J.R. Majewski as the sole individual who defended him.

Feeling exposed and let down by those who failed to stand up for him, Smith declared that he would no longer attend similar events in the future.

“The reason I don’t identify as MAGA anymore, I don’t identify as Republican, I don’t identify as any of this stuff is because I saw just what the ‘MAGA movement’ really thought of me,” Smith candidly stated.

As an Army veteran himself, Smith highlighted the irony within conservative circles where many claim to support the troops yet seemingly turn a blind eye when one of their own is attacked.

He voiced his disappointment, emphasizing that his fellow conservatives showed a lack of concern for his well-being.

In response to allegations suggesting that Democrats may have orchestrated the heckling at the event, Smith hinted at the possibility of releasing “receipts” on the MAGA movement.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Smith responded to critics, asserting that those responsible for the heckling had direct ties to Republicans for National Renewal.

He promised to unveil additional evidence in the weeks to come.

Rob Smith’s departure from the Republican Party marks a significant moment in his political journey.

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