Officers become suspicious after mom asks this one specific question right after baby’s death!

by Jessica

According to reports, a tragic event involving a 42-year-old mother named Stefanie has sparked suspicion among detectives, raising concerns about yet another potential scandal connected to her.

The mother had driven her 2-month-old son, Leo, to the hospital, where the infant tragically passed away within a span of 40 minutes.

The investigators found certain aspects of her behavior and her history to be questionable, prompting them to secure a search warrant for the blue minivan she used to transport her son to the hospital.

Within just 20 minutes of learning about her son’s demise, Stefanie reportedly inquired about the timing of death benefits being disbursed to her.

Additionally, documentation reveals that medical professionals noted her unusual distress upon being informed that an autopsy would be conducted on her son.

Subsequently, Stefanie faced charges of embezzlement, comprising a total amount of $1.3 million. Allegedly, she had been siphoning funds from the property management company where she held the position of vice president.

Accusations suggest that the embezzled money fueled her shopping addiction and contributed to her husband’s business. The investigation revealed a pattern of her forging checks and generating fictitious invoices, practices that reportedly began as early as 2009.

Court records indicate that the ongoing embezzlement case adds a layer of suspicion to the circumstances surrounding her son’s death and her subsequent reactions.

At this point, no charges have been brought forth regarding the untimely passing of Leo, and the completion of the autopsy is still pending.

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