Barack Obama Revealed to Stephen Curry How Wife Michelle Made Him a Better POTUS: “Not Gonna Have These Girls Wait for You”

by Jessica

Steph Curry and former President Barack Obama have frequently come together on various occasions, not only as individuals who share mutual respect and admiration for each other’s achievements but also to engage in discussions about critical societal issues such as racism and civic participation.

During one of their live sessions, Obama shared a personal anecdote from his time in the White House, highlighting the significant role his wife, Michelle Obama, played in shaping his presidency.

In a 2020 interview with Steph, the two delved into a wide range of topics concerning the American promise. In a particular segment, the former president emphasized the influence and impact of his wife on his presidency.

Michelle has always been a trusted confidante, advisor, and unwavering supporter throughout his career. She has consistently advocated for strong family values, stressing the importance of parents spending quality time with their children and setting positive examples.

This expectation extended to Obama’s schedule when he was president, despite his busy agenda. Michelle made it clear that family dinner was non-negotiable and should take place at 6:30 p.m.

Obama shared, “Her (Michelle’s) stance was clear: we are starting dinner because I won’t have our girls waiting for you. Dinner is served at 6:30, so I suggest you be here at 6:30.”

This commitment from Michelle led President Obama to establish a routine and prioritize family dinners unless there was a genuine emergency.

Reflecting on this, Obama remarked, “Her (Michelle’s) grounding influence actually made me a better president because it reminded me of what families across the country are seeking—how to spend time with their families and be present for their children.

It reinforced the importance of focusing on what truly matters, making me a more compassionate and effective president.”

Steph Curry nodded in agreement, acknowledging the significance of these values. Currently, Curry is spending quality time with his family in the UAE before the start of his new season.

In addition to their shared commitment to family values, they have supported each other on various occasions. In 2020, they jointly participated in a virtual town hall meeting to discuss topics related to voting and civic engagement.

They actively encouraged young people to register to vote and make their voices heard in elections, underscoring the importance of civic participation.

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